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do not buy this app

I paid $2.99 for this app to remove ad but every time i restart the app as advised by the developer , the ad is still appearing. This is really unfortunate.... I will complane to apple to have my money back.

Reasonable considering its free

App itself contains very few channels however, you are able to upload a m3u playlist to the app. This is when the app becomes useful. The playback is flawless however the adds are way too large and sometimes hard to close because they cover the entire space of the phone screen. Would prefer slight downsizing of the adds. Also, could use a guide like feature. Besides those two things, the app works reasonably well however, those are two big things.

Worst app ever

Does not work if there is. A way to get money back

Great App

Simply beautiful ... works 100%. any chance to get also a Apple TV app anytime soon ?

Its good but ....

Its good but the channels keep buffering a lot, please fix this issue or please refund me my 3$

It kinda stinks :/

It was a disappointment to see ads in there, I payed 2.99 $ to get them go but ! Nothing happened, I wish there was a way to refund your money or even a way to report these apps..

A Poor Show

The only thing that works are the adverts, dont bother this app should be removed from the store!


Is it true if I paid for the ad remove, but the ads stays there?


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Not working as it should be

Dont think to buy it with removed ads It wont work ask for refund


Please update the playlists !!

Best ip tv app

Best ip tv app in iTunes .

So bad

I pay 2,99 for these app and so bad


At least the ads work ... can’t do without them.

Worst app in the Appstore

If I’m able to give you no starts I would, worst app I have ever, used in the appstore. Totally waste of time.

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